Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will my physical therapy sessions be?
The initial evaluation is 1 hour long and subsequent treatment sessions run for 40 minutes.


2. What clothes should I wear?
Loose comfortable clothing, tank tops for shoulder and arm problems and shorts for knee and leg problems is best.


3. I am in a wheel chair/scooter. Will I be able to get up to your office?
Yes. We are handicapped accessible including an elevator to the second floor. We also have handicapped equipped restrooms.


4. Do you take my insurance?
We accept most insurance plans such as Anthem BCBS, Medicare and Tricare, as well as most secondary insurances. Please call us or your insurance company to see if we are a participating provider for your insurance if it is not listed above.


5. If I have a co-pay when am I expected to pay this?
Co-pays are due at each visit unless other arrangements have been made with our billing department. We can also set up convenient payment plans.


6. If I have a complaint, who do I speak to?
Sharon Stewart, our office manager.